About J-ABA

Who we are

The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis (J-ABA) is dedicated to promoting the experimental, theoretical, and applied analysis of behavior, which B.F. Skinner originated. The purpose of J-ABA is to provide opportunities for research, education, and practices of behavior analysis through its activities such as journal publication and annual convention. The members of J-ABA come from a wide variety of professions, including researchers, school teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses, and business people, but most of us share the same interest: the integration of basic and applied research to find out how to solve socially important problems. We are an international chapter of The Association for Behavior Analysis: International.

J-ABA was established as a Society for the Study of Behavior Analysis in 1979 and changed its name to the Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis in 1983, when its first annual convention was held at Keio University. Currently, we have more than 400 members, and the number is increasing.

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What we do

J-ABA organizes an annual convention, holds an open seminar, publishes the Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis (J-JBA), distributes a newsletter (J-ABA News), operates a web-site (J-ABA Net), and offers other publications concerning behavior analysis. We have been actively collaborating with other academic societies in Japan and promoting international exchanges.

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How to join us

Categories of Membership

Membership Benefits Fees
  • J-JBA
  • J-ABA News
  • Special convention registration fees
7,000 yen
Student 4,000 yen
Married-couple* 4,000 yen
  • J-JBA
  • J-ABA News
8,000 yen
  • J-JBA
  • J-ABA News
10,000 yen -

*Married-couple membership is applicable to those who wish to subscribe to J-JBA and J-ABA News, and recieve only 1 set per couple, with the reduction of fees.

Membership Application Form

If you wish to join us, please fill out the following form and send it to the J-ABA office via fax or e-mail. We will mail you invoice with which you can pay your fees to our postal-bank account. Student members need to attach a copy of their student identification card.

Date of Birth (y/m/d):

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Affiliation address:


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Areas of interests:

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Ethical standards

We are proud to be one of the first psychological associations in Japan that have set ethical standards regarding the conduct of research and practices in our professions. The complete document is available in Japanese. <Our Ethical Standards>

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J-ABA office

The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis
c/o Reference Inc. 2-4-1, Otedori, Chuo-ku, Osaka,
Japan, 540-0021
Email: j-aba.office@j-aba.jp
WebSite: http://www.j-aba.jp/english/index.html

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